The Basics:

    We plan to travel as close to 50 miles per day as we can in order to maintain a consistent and manageable itinerary each day we are progressing towards the Gulf of Mexico. We anticipate being on the river, moving, for approximately 10 hours per day at an average rate of 5 miles per hour. During early June, dawn is typically around 5:30 A.M. EST. On a normal day, we will plan to launch back into the river at 7:00 A.M. EST. This will allow our team enough time to reach our daily checkpoint of fifty miles, with a three-hour grace period for rest, meals, or anything unexpected that may come about such as a strong headwind, bad weather, etc.

The Georgia Portion

    The Georgia portion of the trip will begin at the Buford Dam and end upon entry into Lake Seminole, which lies on the Florida-Georgia border in the southwest corner of the state.

    From the Buford Dam, we will be traveling roughly 50 miles per day. Eventually, we will come upon West Point Lake on the Alabama-Georgia border. Here we will be required to comply with local floodgate schedules. If the schedules work with the travel schedule we are following we should be able to continue on through the barrier into West Point Lake and do the same at the exit of West Point Lake back into the Chattahoochee. The same ideology applies when we reach Walter F. George Reservoir a little further south down the Chattahoochee. The last time we will be in the Chattahoochee River system will be when we cross into Lake Seminole on the Florida-Georgia Border. After we trek through Lake Seminole, we will then be deposited into the Apalachicola River, at this point the team can be sure that we have just entered into Florida.

Lake Seminole

The Florida Portion
    The Florida portion of this trip will begin upon exiting Lake Seminole, lying on the border of Florida & Georgia in the westernmost point of adjacency of the two states. Lake Seminole leads into the Apalachicola River .

    The Apalachicola River will be the last waterway we come across until we reach the Apalachicola Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. This River meanders slightly westward and then come back east before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. The total length of this river is approximately 167 miles. We expect this portion of the river to take us three days to complete. Once we traverse the entirety of this river we will be dumped into the Gulf of Mexico at which point our excursion will come to a close. From here we will have a crew standing by awaiting our arrival. After we wrap up in the Apalachicola Bay on the Gulf of Mexico we will load our gear into a trailer and head back to Forsyth County, Georgia, this time in a motorized vehicle rather than a self-propelled water vessel.